Technical Projects

Energia Solar FotoVoltaica

Takingadvantage of solar energy means to use it directly to produce electricity (photovoltaics). The EU has a great potencial for solar energy capture and for solar thermal energy, that can be used directly to heat water.

Renewable energies are all forms of energy whose utilization rate is lower than its renewal rate. Energy sources can have terrestrial origin (geothermal energy) or origin on solar radiation, hydraulic energy and kinetic energy of the wind.

The area of installed solar catchment deposit in Portugal is already over 1,000,000 m2.

Genera establishes and develops technical projects of renewable energies with an emphasis on solar Thermal and Photovoltaic energy installations.

Photovoltaic solar power systems and Solar Thermal Energy systems have a good return of investment, essential to achieving results in energy projects.

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